As a young girl growing up in Phoenix I created my own paper store everywhere I went. At age four, I remember my mother keeping me entertained by plopping me down in front of the disappointingly small office supply section of our local grocery store, Madison Pay 'n' Take It. It gave her loads of time to shop. Throughout my childhood I played with paper.

I went to college in New Orleans and replaced playing with paper with hosting crazy themed parties (and studying, of course!). After graduation, on a whim, I joined my dear friend, Mimi, in Boston. Mimi moved on, but I ended up living in Boston for ten years and honing my entertaining skills. Some of our most notable parties were called Insect Logic, The Brown and Red Party, and Easter Farewell. In fact I met my husband, John, while performing as a bridesmaid wearing a paper dress.

Paper has always been an important element of my life. With lots of help from others, I opened Paperjoy in September 2004 with the hope of sharing my love of paper and belief in keeping written communication alive. Please stop by and don't forget to write!