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PENdemic Paper Pals


With everything going on in the world, here is a ray of sunshine you can send to someone who is alone or lonely.  The main message for all of us right now is love and kindness.  Your package is helping give love to small business and kindness to someone who needs it.  We suggest sending a letter to the following people who are in need of some love and kindness.

  • Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in your local area. 
  • People who are currently undergoing cancer or autoimmune disease and are in isolation.
  • Friends who moved for a job in a new city where they don’t know anyone and currently alone.
  • Someone who feels alone because they have lost their job, a loved one or just miss friends and family.

We have enclosed 19 note cards, 19 envelopes, 5 stamps and a pen.  Cards pictured are reflective of the type of cards that will be included however each All “Pandemic Pen Pal Package” will be different, just like the people you are sending your notes too.  Happy writing, stay safe, be grateful for your health and wash your hands always.

Great idea!
Posted Oct 21st 2020 by Laura French

What a great idea this was. I've been reaching out to lots of people who I know are being very cautious and staying home. This has been a fun way to connect.

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PENdemic Paper Pals